Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ode to Baggage

Baggage. We all have it.

Some of us carry it in a fanny pack with a tube of lip gloss.
While others have the 12-piece Samsonite tourister collection,
filled with all your carry on needs: Self-doubt, distrust, insecurity, jealousy.

Some paid full price.
Some clipped a coupon for it.
While others won it on Wheel of Fortune,
maybe back when you got to "shop the room."
(When you could ask Pat Sajak, your shopping companion,
if this "baggage" makes my butt too big.)

Some store their Baggage on the Top Shelf.
Some stash it Under the Bed
(or in the closet with the Definitive Tom Cruise collection).

Some have wheels and can easily trudge along beside you wherever you go.
Why not? It's so easily portable!
Would you like to see my baggage?
Would you like to borrow my baggage?

Some have the brightly-colored ribbon attached to it.
You don't want to mistake your baggage for someone else's.
No, you probably have enough already.

Some have logo-emblazoned luggage,
as if to say, "I'm proud of my baggage."

Some pass it down through the family.
(I'm sure Wills have been contested.)
"I want that baggage."
"I'm not taking that baggage."

But one things is for certain,
With age comes more baggage.