Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I Like My Pastries Flaky, Not My Guys

Mixed signals or just a case of Flakiness?

1. You have tickets to see a concert. You have friends who will be at the show. So he buys a ticket. You have been out with each other a few times. You both love Westerberg. He has been talking about it for weeks now. Since he is flying in that night, you pick a meeting place at the venue. You go where he says he will be, only you never see him the whole night. You think:

A. He has died in a horrific plane crash. In fact, you contemplate calling someone who could look this up and confirm.
B. He is really in the bar but gave you a false meeting place. Secretly, he is over yonder laughing at you as you keep looking over your shoulder for Him to show up.

C. He is trying to get to me. The upstairs of the bar is filled to capacity and the bouncers won't let him up, he lost his phone and has no way to contact you. He pines for you to come downstairs to look for him. But you decide to stay put and enjoy the show from your great vantage point. He picked this spot afterall.
C. He is flaky and didn't give you a thought to call you to tell you he could not make the show - for whatever reason.

E. All of the above.

2. So you call him at 2 AM and leave him a voicemail and say:

A. "I know it's late but if you were at the show you would be awake."
B. "If you weren't at the show, then I want to make sure you didn't perish in a plane crash."
C. "I also hope that you didn't get on the wrong plane and instead are in Zimbabwe because that would suck. You missed a good show! Or maybe you didn't because maybe you were there. Were you?"
D. "Kisses!"
E. All of the above except C (although I can't be sure, it was late and I was high on rock and roll).

3. So he calls you the next morning and tells you that he was out till 1:30 in the morning the night before the concert with clients, was in meetings all day, laid down for a couple hours in his hotel room, overslept, got a later flight to DC, thought it was too late to get to the show, also very tired and wasn't up for a late night, so went home. He never mentions anything about calling you to let you know this. You certainly don't mention it because it is too soon to show him the Crazy, the Whine, the Bitching. You are cool as a cucumber about it but you think:

A. Asshole!
B. Inconsiderate asshole!

C. Flaky asshole!
D. But cute asshole?
E. All of the above.

4. So you get on the phone and call your girlfriend to, you know, analyze this a bit more. You wonder why just last week, he drove 3o minutes out of his way to go to your birthday party and meet some of your friends. Then this week give you the blow off. You conclude:

A. He likes me of course! He just has a funny way of showing it.
B. He doesn't like me. He is just being polite by attending birthdays, calling, emailing, etc.
C. It is a very busy point in his life and I just kind of blew in. Patience might be needed with him.
D. He's flaky.
E. All of the above.

Scoring: If you answered E to all of the above, then you are me. I'll send for reinforcements under the name Jack Daniels.


Morgan said...

Whoa--very interesting events. Not that you asked, but I would say give it some time. One accident could be just that...more than that and perhaps god forbid 'He's just not that into you.' (although in my opinion, that would be really stupid.) In any case, he should have called so you weren't wondering. I don't think it is time to throw in the towel, though! What a dumbass. Glad you at least enjoyed the show!

Anonymous said...

um...maybe he's just not that into you.

im sorry. i couldnt resist.

Original Me said...

aahh...but saying "he's just not that into me" is toooo easy....

Amy Eckert said...

Give him one more opportunity. He could have been completely exhausted and realized he would have been poor company. Or he just might be an asshole. Only time will tell. Men should realize they need to make some sort of effort. If you make all the effort with sheer up keep in appearance, shaving and attempting to not show your crazy side too early then he could at least text message or leave a message.