Thursday, May 26, 2005

Kiki Just Had To Take To The Bottle

Yes, I watch The OC. I was late to the game but I'm here now. For now. Because they are testing me. Yes, this fairweather fan is hissing at the moment because of this whole alcoholic storyline. First, why does every single show - dramas/soaps - in the history of mankind have to deal with this subject? And it is always tied up neatly in a bow. Can you really spin this anew? It's so stale. And in the case of The OC in particular? So, so forced. Me, "forcing" myself into my skinny jeans - hopping and stuffing my ass into them (and laying down flat to zip them), has nothing on The OC and Kirsten's Drunken Plunge Into Shameful Intoxification. Bad Kiki, bad.

You saw the foreshadowing from the beginning of the season. The lone camera shot zooming in on Kirsten's wine glass as if to say, "Pay attention, folks, slippery curves ahead!" And Kirsten may drive on them! While drunk! Oh the drama.

So Kiki drinks all by her lonesome sometimes. So she can polish off a bottle of wine by herself. So she got drunk at a vineyard. So she likes a little vodka in her OJ. So she likes to come home to a chilled swig of vodka. So she got drunk at her father's funeral. Hell, I've done all this. Except at my dad's funeral. I couldn't even stomach a beer that day. So is that what actually separates me from Drunkville? In any case, I am sure I binged just as soon as I got my sea legs back.

I guess we are to believe that all her imbibing happened off camera. We saw Sandy find her bottle stashed in her purse. Oh! I see, it's called allusion. Kirsten has been drinking around the clock! At work. In the bathroom. In bed. While driving. While shopping. While tanning. Before, during, and after every meal. Et cetera. Et cetera.


I like my primetime TV all fluff and cupcakes. That's just me. I don't want to see the shootings and the drug dealing and the dying and the blackmailing and the porn-parading. I want the mindless banter, the teenage-bickering, the comic book shenanigans, the breaking up to get back together, the shopping trips, the wife-beaters, and mall-camping. And more scenes with Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats (spinoff, anyone?) Oh, and one more thing, more Peter Gallagher singing. Thank you.


Morgan said...

Well, I have to comment on this b/c I totally agree with the whole forced thing and I think I was even so incensed about it that I commented on the forums at TWoP.

Please note--this is going to be kinda long...

I think the actors have done a great job with this storyline, but I agree that I don't understand why it had to be Kirsten and perhaps not one of the men, who are often seen drinking, that develops the problem. There are instances where all of the men, even tertiary characters (I'm looking at you Carter), are seen drinking and none of them have formed an addiction. Meanwhile, three of the women we have seen who can't deal with reality have turned to booze. I just think that overall, this isn't a very good ratio and I wonder if it was even considered when they started this storyline. I know they wanted to give Kelly Rowan's character more dimension while also giving her a chance to show her acting ability, I just think they could have gone other ways with it. I know that with the revelation that Kirsten's mom drank it gives the viewer some background, but I rarely remember that being stated before the big blow-up of last week. It seemed almost as if they were trying to retroactively give reasoning behind why Kirsten might have a prediliction for the boozy behavior. I guess I just never really saw the leap from drinking a little too much on occasion to having a full blown, need to go to rehab, etc...And, let me also state that I believe there was space and time to develop this, it just seems like the writers sort of force fed it to us--from very deliberately focusing in on wine glasses to the revelation that Kirsten's mom drank. I also think that if she had really been boozing it up as much as the writers allude to now that Ryan would have noticed SOMETHING before now. He knows the signs and has had to deal with it before. I guess I just feel the writers could have done a better job of convincing me of this storyline.

Jana said...

How is it that I have never seen this show? This post alone is convincing me that I need it NOW.