Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The 'It's All About Me' Edition

It's something like my bloggiversary. So happy birthday to virtual me. I decided to mark this special occassion with a little self-absorbed navel-gazing like a 100+ list of random things about me! Yeah! The birthday is all about the birthed anyway.

1. I have a facial scar running parallel with my bottom lip.
2. The funny thing is, I am usually pretty self-conscious as a whole but it doesn't even bother me and it never really did even when it was in its bright red stages - that coincided with my teenager years.
3. Not even when I point it out to someone and they say, "Oh yeah, I can see it now."
4. It's jagged.
5. I hate perfect looks.
6. I find the unusual sexy.
7. That is why I have a major thing for Willem Defoe.
8. I was born with a crooked foot because it was wrapped around the umbilical chord.
9. I had to wear a corrective shoe for this as a baby - while other babies were sporting "stylish" booties.
10. I'm sure I thought this.
11. Perhaps that is why I have a huge fetish for shoes to this day.
12. I also had a huge ear infection when I was a baby that scarred my inner ear.
13. I had to wear a big bandage for this.
14. What I'm saying is: I was one sad looking baby.
15. People probably thought I was retarded.
16. Especially because I never smiled as a baby.
17. And I would only follow my mom around and carry a blanket wherever I went.
18. What I am saying is: I was a dork.
19. My sister fed me jelly beans when I was 2 days old.
20. I sucked the sweetness out of them and never swallowed.
21. What I'm saying is: I didn't die.
22. I only blame her for my sweet tooth.
23. I would "save" my gum and stick it on my bedpost.
24. Apparently it was good to go the next morning.
25. What I'm saying is: I was gross.
26. I have very small boobs.
27. And I like them.
28. Because I don't like wearing bras in the summer.
29. Mostly because I like wearing barely-there tank tops.
30. What I'm saying is: I'm a bit of an exhibitionist.
31. When seriously I love "style."
32. Not to be confused with "I love clothes."
33. I often rue that I didn't try to go to NY and the Fashion Institute and make a go at a career in "style."
34. I own something like 100 pair of shoes.
35. I own stock in DSW Shoe Warehouse.
36. Not really.
37. I do own over 50 scarves.
38. And I have a lot of my grandma's costume jewelry that I still wear.
39. What I'm saying is: I'm an accessory hound.
40. Hence, my nickname, Boa.
41. I am a magazine junkie - subscribing to about 10.
42. Yes, Us Weekly is one of them.
43. I only read it for the pictures.
44. I think I am an old soul.
45. I love old people.
46. I used to write my grandma everyday when I was little.
47. To this day, I have a soft spot for old people.
48. I never talk to people on an airplane.
49. Except for old people.
50. They have the best stories to tell.
51. I whole-heartedly believe that with age comes wisdom.
52. I enjoy hanging out with my 92-old aunt.
53. That woman has style and grace.
54. We antique together.
55. I knit, cross-stitch replica samplers, and quilt.
56. What I'm saying is: I'm a Golden Girl at heart.
57. My maternal grandma's name was Gigi.
58. I love that name to this day.
59. Of course it is a nickname.
60. I never got to know her because she died when I was an infant.
61. My mom's family says I have her "spirit."
62. I struggle with "life after death", the concept of heaven, and souls.
63. What I'm saying is: I'm skeptical but not necessarily a non-believer.
64. That is a sad topic for me.
65. My first boyfriend's name was Kyle Lewis.
66. He had pretty white blond hair.
67. He used to steal his older sister's stuffed animals and give them to me.
68. I never gave them back.
69. What I'm saying is: I like when boys buy me stuff.
70. Not really.
71. I feel guilty.
72. I feel guilt on a daily basis.
73. I ponder on how I did this, who said this, how it was perceived, etc.
74. What I'm saying is: I'm a ruer.
75. I have some moles I should probably get checked out.
76. So I am going to in two weeks.
77. I think George Bush Sr. - as a father - should take his son out back and give him a spanking.
78. But I don't believe in physical brands of punishment.
79. So maybe just send him to his room with no dinner.
80. I hate all politicians - democrats and republicans.
81. Perhaps I am an anarchist.
82. Not really.
83. But I do know all the words to Anarchy in the U.K.
84. I think Nader is on to something with starting a new party - as a concept.
85. Democrats are losing their self-identity.
86. That makes me sad.
87. I am a bit of an OCD.
88. I partake in some repetitive habits.
89. I'll leave it at that.
90. It hasn't gotten in the way of my everyday life.
91. OK. I'll give you one thing.
92. Sometimes I have to walk on certain tiles in my kitchen.
93. I don't know what I will do when I get a new place and possibly don't have tiles.
94. Seriously.
95. But maybe I will be cured.
96. I do alphabetize my music collection.
97. My closet is color coordinated.
98. My underwear drawer is a mess.
99. My cat is really old right now.
100. I even call her "granny" now.
101. She has worn bandages, lost most of her teeth, and doesn't walk in a straight line.
102. She has her own brand of OCD.
103. She doesn't have a boyfriend.
104. She loves to sleep in shoes.
105: What I'm saying is: Sound vaguely familiar?!?
106. Except I have all my teeth.
107. Well, except the one that has a crown in the back.
108. I go to the dentist twice a year.
109. I floss regularly.
110. And I have opposable thumbs.
111. But I do like to purrr.


Kelly said...

LOVE the list! Addicting, isn't it?

Virginia Belle said...

*VB applauds*

i loved that! so funny!

so what is semi-similar w/me?

i have a scar on my lip. i like an imperfect looking celeb: joachin phoenix (*VB sighs and faints*). my brother, fungus, had a crooked foot. he had to wear a shoe too. he has no shoe fetish, though. i have had inner ear problems, too (vertigo. it sux.). i too have a thing for jelly beans. i don't like wearing bras in summer either, but i hafta. biggish boobs. i am trying to acquire 100 pairs of shoes. i love DSW. (LOVE). i own over 50 eyeshadows because i feel weird in scarves. i also am a mag hag--5 subscriptions. i love to meet people on airplanes. i also like the name gigi. my maternal grandmother died before i was born. i love it when guys buy me stuff too. i also take guilt like it is a daily multi-vitamin. it keeps me in line. i just got moles checked out. let me tell you how much i like strangers analyzing my naked body. my closet is also systematically organized. my makeup has a filing system. my underwear drawer is also a mess. but that's only because i just moved. i have perfect teeth. except one is crooked, despite braces. i also like to purrrrr...

you lose me on the old people. and the cats. sometimes they get on my nerves.

i feel like we know each other now.:)

Original Me said...

we're kindred Virgina Belle!

Mav said...

You forgot the most important one of all...I like to drink before 5...what I'm saying is, I'm a bit of an alcoholic...and I like it like that. Me too.