Monday, March 20, 2006

Tables Turned

Guy and girl hang out.
Guy cooks girl dinner.
Guy burns her many CDs of music she will like.
Guy serenades.
Guy emails thoughtful links throughout the day.
Guy drives her all around.
Guy always comes her way.
Guy would like to see her more.

Girl is kind of indifferent to guy.
Girl thinks guy is funny.
Girl has fun with guy.
Girl doesn't think she is attracted to him.
Girl thinks she only likes him as friends.
Girl and guy continue to hang out.

Then something happens.
Girl sees guy in a new light.
Or is it the effects of March Madness and alcohol?
Girl might see something in guy.
Girl finally asks guy to stay the night with her.
Guy turns her down.
"Not like this."

Now girl might like guy "like that."


Morgan said...

Very interesting. Guy seems very illuminated in this light. Good thing it is flattering.

Mav said...

Beware of Lewis!

amyd said...

Did you see Barney karoaking (so not a word) to Dirty Deeds last night?

Virginia Belle said... post. i'm on the edge of my seat!!!! were there any smooches???

so what happens next????

hurry up! i'm tingly with anticipation!!

Kelly said...

How fun!