Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vacation, Had To Get Away

I have hit the crossroads of Mental Exhaustion Avenue and Irritable Street. Between buying the house, losing my assistant at work, and putting my sweet little puss-n-boots to sleep, I have been extremely busy and emotional. So I have been eating a lot of potatoes and not exercising. And my dating life has been on hold as in I can't stomach any one guy right now. Except Willem Defoe...where has he been?

So that's the silence.

And when the going gets rough, you realize you need an attitude adjustment to get you out of this funk. So what am I doing about it? Heading south. Miami. South Beach to be exact. And I hope that the recipe of a very long Memorial Day weekend plus tanning in the sun plus drinking Sapphire martinis plus eating fruit and salads plus celebrating Mav's Birthday will hopefully be the catharsis I need to snap out of the depressive funk. Because I don't want to take a pill.

I will be penniless and drunk for the next 6 days.

But before I go and work on an attitude adjustment, I have some things to get off my chest....

People, always let the people OFF the elevator before you barrel in.

Please God, let Barabaro get better, not be in pain, and not have to be euthanized.

Shut up people who think that it is a peaceful death. Because it is not. Besides they need to fix him so he can make some babies. His stud fee will be penniful and he could sire an Einstein.

Hence, I am trying a vegetarian diet this weekend.

I miss my cat very much.

Next time I look up in the sky, please $10,000 fall on my head.

Brangelina, have your baby already.

Movers, please show up on the 31st and like, not take 7 hours that you are telling me you need to move 25 boxes, an armoire, a bed, a chair, a dresser, and a desk only a block away. Because I will ride your ass to get you people moving. I'm in no mood.

Yukkell, please get over yourself already. I don't really give a damn if you use my friend as your real estate agent and it doesn't bother me one bit that you are getting married. You are so 1999-2005. It died.

Bathing suits, please look good on me this weekend. Please look good on me this weekend. Please look good on me this weekend.

So I hope to be back in June slimmer, tanner, and happier. I will be a homeowner come May 30th so that is a start.

God, I can't wait to lay on a Florida beach.....home.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


NotCarrie said...

OMG I want the $10,000 thing, too!

Kelly said...

"Penniless and drunk" sounds like my kind of vacation! Have a great time!

As for my new Betsey: I plan to wear it to brunch on Sunday. I will post pics, I'm sure, next week. :-)

amyd said...

have fun! rock lobsta'.( i only said that b/c i remember those fla days of lying in the sun listening to WFIT.)

Virginia Belle said...

i am so freakin' jealous. i can't even go anywhere because it's a regular weekend for me. but i hope you have a blast!!! sounds like so much fun. you'll have to give us a full report.

i wish for all of the same things. especially the $10,000 part.

tiny confession: i am not sure, but i think i'm one of those elevator people. it just doesn't occur to me to wait...sorry. my bad.

i wonder what brangelina are naming the kid. i bet it's the weirdest of all celebrity baby names.

Morgan said...

Have a great time!

Mav said...

Hahaha...reading that after the trip, I would add...please get me out of the ghetto without getting shot and please, oh please, make the sun come out!

Kelly said...

Hope the trip was restful and the move went well!