Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Pen Pal

I'm working on a few posts but seem to not be able to get them to work. I chalk it up to WAY too much things going on.

What's troubling me this week? In no particular order:

First, coordinating 3 points of the actual move. First, I have to schedule the movers. Second, I have to reserve a time slot in my current residence in order to use the freight elevator. Third, I have to reserve the freight elevators in my new home too. Now I thought this would be the easiest so I saved it for last. It is a smaller building and it is condo so I figured there would be less people moving in and out. Wrong. This is the sticking point. Someobody already has the elevator reserved for that day. And they won't let you move in after 5 so as not to disrupt the homeowners. Conversely, the apartment building I am in now could care less. I could move out at midnight if I wanted to. So this has my thoughts preoccupied this week as I work out the kinks.

On top of this, I have to call the vet to put the cat to sleep. This is hard. It's time and I'm not a very "motherly" type but it is still hard considering I have had the cat for 15 years and even then she was "older."

Finally, I still have not researched the horses for the Derby this weekend. I'm so behind on that. I'm pretty lucky on the horses. Funny. Unlucky with men. But lucky with the horses. Hmm.

So, in the meantime, I have a guest blogger post because this girl is so darn creative it kills me.

There is nothing like getting love letters from your 7-year old niece.

It started when I was visiting Easter weekend and she passed me this note during Easter brunch at her momma's, where she set the table and made the seating chart and strategically placed the potatoes next to me and the sausages next to her so we could be surrounded by the best of the b(r)unch. Everybody else had to settle for the eggs and the toast residing next to them. I did share the potatoes. (I know I have waxed on about how I believe in a potato-ful world.)

Bye Yaya, hope
you get home safely.
When you get
home please[scratched out] run &

get paper and a pen
along with a envelope [sic]
becuase [sic] I really[scratched out] want some mail.

Thus a pen pal was born. So I sent her a thank you letter as soon as I got home as she made me a very cute little kitty coin purse.

She followed up that with this letter:

Thank you for
the letter. I'm
glad you could
find a useful
thing to do
with your change
purse. I made a
song for you

I miss you, I want
to kiss you, why
Oh why can't
I kiss you
We are like
two twins & when
I see you
I will spinnnn!


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