Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Right

It is getting hard to look this good on my own. Ha. I am one fashion casualty (and relationship) away from pullover knit tops and polyester pants pulled up to my armpits. With no zippers. Elastic-waistbands all the way man.

See this morning I was having zipper issues. A brand new skirt I bought down in North Carolina months ago and hadn't tried on yet. I didn't even try it on at the store and there is a reason you try things on. Because had I tried it on, I would have discovered that the zipper was broken.

Instead I found out this morning all alone in my house.

I struggled all morning to save the skirt's life but in the end, I had to cut the skirt right down the center just to get out of it.

A fashion casualty. And it was one of those oh-so-trendy bubble skirts that is going to soon be banished to the Land Of Fashion That Will Never Make A Comeback. Acid-wash denim has a high-rise there.

All that I needed this morning was another (with opposable thumbs so it is not an argument for the dog that I also want) to yank on that thing. If there was that one guy with strong hands in my house (in my life) at the time, the skirt's (very short as it is) life could have been saved.

Guys, I'm not asking for much...just someone to ease my zipper.

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Virginia Belle said...

did you cuss up a storm? there would have been a flood of expletives running out of my mouth, sort of like i was auditioning for Jerry Springer. there probably would have been a temper tantrum.

i know what you mean--i want someone to zip me up sometimes. you know, when the zipper is in the back?