Monday, July 10, 2006

Overheard At The Beach

"What's your name?"
"Of Jo-Tootie-and-Natalie fame?"

"It's part of being a playa. There is bound to be some casualties."

In the ocean!"

"I'm wearing your pillowcase."

"...the guy with the jean shorts."
"Jean shorts?! Where'd he get them?"

"I have a thing for brunettes."
"You have a "thing" for asians, latina, or redheads - blondes even. Nobody has a "thing" for brunettes."
"Damn right they can."
"Well lucky for you I'm a brunette then. And lucky for me I have a thing for pilots."

"I'll leave your ass here. Don't think I won't."
"I'm getting a dog then."

"What can I do for you?"
"Words every girl likes to hear."

"We'll take 2 miller lites."
"Bud lites?"
"No, miller lites."
"But bud lites are on special."
"2 miller lites, please."

In front of an 8-year old kid: "I want to be tied to the bedpost."
"That was an earmuff moment if ever I heard one."

"I live on Dagworthy."
"Of course you do."

"I don't like the Rudder. I only went there for you."
"Of course you did."

"From here on out, he is known as the Red Barron."
"Of Snoopy fame?"


Mav said...

What was the song of the summer again? Love that Jefe!

Virginia Belle said...

that was a funny post. i gotta confess to listening in to others' conversations as well. but only if i'm bored.

James said...

you should submit some of those to overheardatthebeach(dot)com