Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pink Bubbles

Girl Pad hosted her first mail suitor. She was put to the test: Is there room for the frogs, snails, and puppy dog tails in all this pink cupcake?

Remember how I got the new place and I decided to go very girlie with it - but really just French Country or Shabby Chic. There is no trace of a man in the house. Maybe I'm making a statement, maybe I'm reverting to the Holly Hobbie room and pink Strawberry Sizzler bike (not to be confused with Strawberry Shortcake) of my youth. I have never been into contemporary or minimalist design. So you look around and it is....just that....Girl Pad.

And so when Man comes over to Girl Pad, and you haven't had a chance to guy-proof it, He sticks out like a sore thumb.

But I was waiting for the right guy to bring over to test out Girl Pad's charm. And last Friday at 3 AM after hanging out at a friend's backyard deck with this lovely man you call Pompadour - whom you happen to find irresistible and whom passes the Mav test - well, you invite him back to your house for a $60 bottle of champagne you were saving for a special occassion.

Special occassion, definied: I met a guy who loves the champagne as much as me and made me laugh all night long. So at 4 AM it sounded like a good idea to open up that bottle of Veuve while he nibbled my shoulder. We finished the bottle watching the sun go up with Pixies playing in the background.

Then the next day when we finally came to at 1 pm, he put Girl Pad to the test with his stand-up comedy routine because - as he said - "There is so much material in here."

So only Pompadour could capture the essence of Girl Pad in a joke that started with a Thigh Master and included birth control pills, a book called Bachelor Boys, a lotion called Maybe Baby, pink floral sheets, and my boa that drapes over my bedroom door.

Time to stock up on the bubbles but maybe I'll just get some $10 bottles this time.


Morgan said...

Yes, thanks to this post, you and Mav AND your apartment (obviously my interpretation of your description) made it into my dream last night. Of course, there was boozing and the two of you with some conquests who had just vacated the premises. Weird. And also a sign that I need to actually go out instead of just reading people's blogs about going out. :)

Original Me said...

that's hilarious morgan - penetratiing dreams - well, it will be college football season soon enough - I love saturday afternoons in the fall, indoors....

Morgan said...

Oh...not long now at ALL! I can hardly control myself!