Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That Guy: Take Two

Wow, I was kind of talking abstractly but I actually came up against THAT GUY in the flesh and blood. Y'all, he knocked my socks off.

This is actually how the story goes.

He's not the one you notice first when you are in a crowded bar, 4 miller lites into the day. I mean, there is that hot guy at the other end of the bar with the aviators that so reminds you of the Red Barron. But then some guy winks at Mav and you are me (and I can't hear) so you stand there and nod and smile with this guy.

And then something happens. Because this guy all of sudden knocks you down with his quirky good looks that sneak up on you when he opens his mouth because he is That Guy who makes your belly hurt from laughter and promises never a dull day in his presence. And that reminds me of my daddy. So then you blast your hearing aid because you can't let a word this guy says go over your head.

And when he puts your Diors on, he looks a little like Elvis.

And so I am intrigued by That Guy.

I need more of him because 30 minutes in his presence just didn't quench my desire for more. Who is this guy?

And this is where he kisses the top of your head, brushes the hair out of your face, and asks you where the fuck you have been. OR. Rather. This is what I heard when he simply asked for my phone number "old school" style.

And, y'all, he rang. And, when you are me, and you spent last night crying over the abstract That Guy and all those other guys and cursing Flo who is just really fucking with your head and making you all weepy and needy like she likes to do once a month, you get THIS kind of giddiness by way of a cheesy post about some dude who probably just wants down from this pedestal I propped him up on.

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Mav said...

Love that guy! And his Pompadour too.