Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And my t-shirt says: I blog the mundane details of my life

July flew by without a document. So this bulleted where-ya-been post will have to do to fill in a July entry. It pains me to do this.

I started a post called N.O. I DO Get to Go, which means I did get to go. To New Orleans. It was going to be in answer to this post but I'm not feeling very sappy. The punchline was going to be something along the lines of New Orleans being more depressed than I could ever imagine to be. I know! Who needs another Original Me self-indulgent weep fest? Because the trip, the city, was not at all what I imagined it to be. Sadly.

I've been to the beach a couple times. Once with Mav and Morgan (Pierre, to you). Naturally all kinds of hilarity ensued. That led up to the post I never finished called, The One Where They Call Me John. But I have retired the John alter ego because I never really liked "that John person" anyway. That is part of the character. But that post would have been very you-had-to-be-there in an abstract way. (On second thought, that post is coming to a blog near you, as I am chuckling thinking about it. Heh.)

I ran into this guy and became a Missed Connection. Or not. I blew it though. That might warrant a story. We will call that one, Love Me Two Times, or more likely, Hate Me Today. You may not want to say to a guy you run into (whom you spent one weekend two summers ago running your fingers through his hair), "Do you have lumps on the back of your head?" as the distinguishing indentification recognition (or pickup line) when you can't remember his name. Ahh...Kevin! A day late and a bus short, indeed.

Next month: family time, Outer Banks, and a Tavern on the Green wedding.

In the meantime: looking forward to John Doe tonight, welcoming a new friend to the neighborhood on Wednesday, condo board dramatics on Thursday. and obsessively watching Flight of the Conchords over and over again.

Inspiration will come to me soon...


Kelly said...

It's really too bad that you didn't get to experience New Orleans before the hurricane. It was such a great city.

I haven't been there since the floods, and I am scared to go now. My uncle still lives there, trying to rebuild his house and his life after he lost everything to Katrina. In fact, he was featured in a National Geographic article about New Orleans this month. You can see a pic of him and his house online at the National Geo website (look for the article, then the picture gallery associated with it).

Speaking of New Orleans, have you seen the new Absolut vodka? It's called Absolut New Orleans; it's mango/black pepper flavored. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to helping the people of New Orleans.

Original Me said...

Kelly: I wish I would have seen it pre-Katrina. I do plan on going back. It was a work trip so there was that. I remember your story about your uncle. I will check out the National Geo story. I can't even fathom what it is like to rebuild physically let alone, spiritually. The locals I did come across were amazing. I admire resiliency in people. And the vodka? I will have to buy a case now because that sounds good.