Monday, June 06, 2005

Great, Who Will Be My Wedding Date Now?

Occurrence: I got dumped by my wedding date.
My reaction: Wow! This dating thing is fun!

Occurrence: I got dumped because he would rather see his tailor.
My reaction: Yes, friends who warned me, the signs are pointing to Gayville.

Occurrence: So now I have no wedding date.
My reaction: *blink* *rubs eyes*

Occurrence: EVERYONE else has a date.
My reaction: OK, normally don't care. Very independent, never bring date just to bring date. But...everyone but me? Wah.

Wait. Let me repeat this for my own understanding. I just got dumped - via email - by a guy who - emphatically (as in no hesitation with the yes) - agreed to go with me, who knows the bride and groom, and who assured me - when I asked if he needed to check his schedule before he so "emphatically" agreed - that he was indeed free the whole weekend and was looking forward to it, especially the overnight aspect because we had not taken our "relationship" that far yet. And the Dump Email came after not hearing from him for 2 weeks in which I finally sent him a Hello Email and his reply was not "hello back" but Dump. What's with The Mean? Was he ever going to tell me?

My real reaction: Asshole! Yes, OK, not that into me. Got that. He's not flaky anymore, he's transparant. Fine. But he could have handled the let down quite differently. At the very least a "sorry, but..." would have probably been sufficient. Not the blunt, "Can't go, going to the tailor in NYC now. Won't be back in time. Period." So, I...delete his contact information from any recording of it, contemplate sending an "oh, thanks a lot email in response" but decide to just ignore and not respond and write him off. Sometimes silence is the loudest response. And now moving on, dateless.

So, a plea!

One dateless, very pretty (I have professionals working on me that day who plan on making me pretty), smart (or I can pretend to be), and sassy (I will probably fall at some point in the evening) girl in a yellow dress SEEKING a flake-free, date-free, gay-free, hilarious and unassumingly handsome man (who will pick me up when I do fall, by the way, or fall down with me) to be Wedding Date. And can you wear a pink shirt with your suit? I kind of have a thing for pink button-down shirts. We will drink, dance, and maybe sing. Surely, we will laugh a lot?

I've seen movies about this kind of thing. On Lifetime and in the theaters. It works for them.

Mom, you'd be proud of me pimping myself on the 'net.


James said...

wow. that's fudged up. and if he said he was going to the tailor now that sounds like he made the tailor date after setting the date with you. going stag is always fine but i understand about the being the only one stag thing. i've taken the open bar as my date to several weddings recently....

hope you find your knight in pink shirt...

Morgan said...

Yes...I agree with James. I have often taken either the Captain or Mr. Light to weddings. In fact, I just recently spent a wonderful wedding evening with Mr. Light. It isn't sooo bad. However, if there really aren't ANY other singles going...hmmm...I bet you could head down to the area of 4-mile run near Shirlington and get a day laborer. I am sure they would welcome the change in activity and probably not charge very much. I hear that some of them clean up VERY nicely...

Good luck and if I see anyone meeting your specifications, I will send him your way.

Original Me said...

Aha...the dates that never let you down...I'm going to class it service with the french dudes, Moet and Chandon...

Morgan said...

So the day laborer is out then?

Just be careful about the morning after...I hear French guys are the love em and leave em types.