Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"When I'm At The Beach, Where Do I Put My Chew?"

Missing from Potunkville, USA:

Slightly full-figured man in shiny red man panties, commonly referred to as Speedos, with a ring of dip, probably Skoal, tucked in the left butt cheek. Last seen carousing a popular Delaware beach, carefully treading his way through innocent sunbathers. If you have seen this man, please call 1-800-SO-PCKTS* to have him removed from the premises. His back pocket is missing him and we would like to reunite them as soon as possible.

*Sew Pockets, dba SOPCKTS, is engaged in the unique business of clothing manufacturing and fashion therapy. Our staff will work with the subject to ensure he gets a pocket that fits his vacationing lifestyle. We might fashion his current Wrangler square on his Speedos, or we may delicately guide him towards a longer syle of swim trunk, like, say, a board short that coincidently already has the pockets attached. Either way, we will work to educate him on the utility of a pocket. We at SOPCKTS understand that no man should have to go very long without a can of dip in his back pocket, even when at the beach.


Morgan said...

Yuck and yuck. With a side of blech.

james said...

i like it better when it's just the worn circle on the speedos. signifying he has spent countless hours carrying the skoal around previously...


btw. updated url - kilnexplosion.blogspot.com


Beth Fish said...

Was it Rehoboth? Because I could see that fitting right in.

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