Thursday, February 09, 2006

A PSA And A Subliminal Message

Do not buy knock-off purses anymore.

Counterfeit fashion seems passable on first glance, but closer inspection reveals misspelled logos, inferior craftsmanship, puckered seams, low quality leather, large, uneven stitching, and flimsy hardware. Next time you see a purse posing as the real thing, inspect it more closely. And if you see a “Made in Taiwan” tag, know it is not authentic.

Besides, if the price is right and you can buy it off the trunk of a car, then it IS too good to be true. Why settle for less than an original?


James said...

While quality can be a serious issue I take pride when I wear my Tommy Helfinger jeans, my Raybarn sunglasses, my collection of Shawn John sport wear, or my beloved Armini suit.


Morgan said...

I enjoy my Prado bag as well.

Original Me said...

you guys are funny!

Mav said...

Don't you just love materialism??