Monday, March 21, 2005

Ennui: Not So Far To Go

[Cue: harmonica. Oh, and make yourself a jack and coke.]

I am trying to think of something to write about. The fact of the matter is that I am bored. In both my professional and personal life. I'd like to put a funny story up here but all the funny is happening to everyone else these days. I realize I am just experiencing one of those ruts I think we all experience from time to time. I know change isn't going to happen unless you drag your pity-ass off the couch and do something about it. So I have put those wheels in motion.

I am looking for a new job. I certainly can't complain about my job. I feel appreciated and I know I am compensated fairly. It is just that there is not much work these days to keep my days busy. I feel so intellectually stationary right now. Must do more crosswords. I seriously feel like I am seconds away from being Milton from Office Space. Using my office as storage space, using my office as the supply closet, and eventually relocating me to the basement. And holding up my paycheck. So until I find a new job that challenges me I will try to keep busy by journaling. Hello blog - you are my occupation (of mind and time). Stapler, anyone?

I am "dating" again. To those who know me, it is no secret that my heart was broken by the Bayou Boob. I could certainly whine about the fucked-up life he is heading towards. (What a lovely meal of bitter. Pass the salt!) Instead, I am going to take care of myself. And I won't look back because I know from experience that in order to move on permanently, you have to move on emotionally. So I am testing the waters of online dating. But...I had a date on Sunday and I wish I could say YEAH or PSHAW, but all I can muster is a grunt of MEH. BLAH. YAWN. It wasn't a bad date. It just was just...boring. See the theme here?

So I am in a rut y'all.

Nothing a stiff drink, buckets of money, and a GOOD MAN can't turn around. Can I skip ahead to that page? Because this story seriously needs to move along...

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Morgan said...

Perhaps hanging out at the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons Bars will help in your quest for those items! Hang in there...this too shall pass.