Friday, March 25, 2005

How Is This For Wasting Your Time?

It is nice to see what the Internets think of me (via Googlism).

Lara is so cool.
Lara is certain of being able to break many world athletic records and so sees no challenge in this herself.
Lara is here to sizzle.
Lara is a limited edition cold.
Lara is further proof that she is too much a force of nature to be contained within the game world.
Lara is seen running through the air.
Lara is out there.
Lara is hot.
Lara is facing exactly north.
Lara is enabling a new generation of innovative applications.
Lara is a beautiful woman that can jump.
Lara is in kindergarten and she loves school.
Lara is a first grader now.
Lara is currently accepting new training horses in anticipation of her new inside barn.
Lara is in Ireland with her friend Alex Stewart.
Lara is synthetic does not lessen her appeal.

I'd like to thank Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft for making my name's internet stock go way up.

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Morgan said...

Ok, of course I had to check this out. Here is what it had to say about Morgan (at least I am not into finding a wife):

morgan is currently sold out
morgan is ok
morgan is tackled by barbarians
morgan is a poet
morgan is first instructor in formal library science
morgan is number one
morgan is defniitely not into finding a wife
morgan is no witch hunt