Monday, March 14, 2005

Old Worn Shoe

I have had this Old Worn Shoe for the past six years. God, I love that Old Worn Shoe.

You know what I'm talking about? To you it's the perfect fit and so comfortable. You like to wear it on sunny days and rainy days. You don't care because you would feel naked without Old Worn Shoe. Sure, it has some holes in it - sometimes your skin is exposed to the elements and sometimes that hurts. It's that worn - but you accepted that a long time ago. It's part of the charm.

And you have tried other shoes, but you always go back to the Old Worn One. Others never understood your love for the Old Worn Shoe. They never thought it was the right fit for you. But I would just say, "Walk a mile in my shoe, baby - you'll see."

Old Worn Shoe was broken in before I got it and never forgot that fit. I guess my foot never felt the same. Now the foot that broke it in wants Old Worn Shoe back. Her foot is broken and I encouraged Old Worn Shoe to help her heal. See it's orthopedic like that. I guess I thought the fit would not be the same as remembered after all these years. After all these years of hugging my foot.

This week I opened my closet to put on Old Worn Shoe, but it was gone. I guess it really liked how the old foot felt - missed it more than it would ever miss my foot. Maybe that foot smells better. Maybe it is skinnier. Maybe it doesn't have that quirky toe that curls under. Maybe it is just a better fit. I guess Old Worn Shoe was only on loan to me. And just maybe, our fit wasn't as good as I believed it to be.

Goodbye Old Worn Shoe. I'll miss our footsteps.

So now I am walking barefoot. But I plan on upgrading very soon - to nothing less than a brand new Manolo. With a high heel - that hikes me up.

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Morgan said...

I am sure you will find the best shoe ever. I know you certainly deserve it.