Thursday, March 10, 2005

Me, Caryatid

I was an Art History major in college so occasionally it creeps back into my life.

I just snuck out to see the Modigliani exhibit at The Phillips Collection and became inspired so let me bore you with that. Forgot how much I love the Man as Artist. Without getting too theoretical here, I love the juxtaposition of the flat and linear with curvy rounded forms of flesh. If I were ever brave and cool enough to own a snake, I am sure I would name him Modigliani.

What I really like of his work was his Caryatid studies. A caryatid is a sculptured female figure serving as ornamental and structural support in a lot of Classical Greek architecture. It's simple math people:

Looking pretty + holding up the whole gosh darn building (insert your own personal hardship here) = Strong Woman (Roar!)

Heavy is the weight
Supportive and accepting
My burden to bear

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