Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Perry's Addiction (To Pants)

[The password is "pants."]

So I was in Chicago this past weekend to visit one of my oldest and dearest friends, M. We go way back. She's hilarious and one of the most creative people I know. We share a love of music. 80's college radio, new wave, skate rock, hardcore, and punk - whatever the hell kind of label you slap on it. Seeing her always makes me feel cool again. Or makes me realize just how uncool I really am.

The highlight of our weekend was going to Lollapalooza on Saturday. We attended the very first one back in '91 - or was it '92 - we can't really remember the year. We both can't even agree on who actually went with us. But we did wear pants. That we are sure about.

Friday night we ended up going to a White Sox game. The Cubs were out of town and the Red Sox were in town. So baseball. In attendance were me, M, her husband, P, his brother, B, and Jr, B's 9-year old son. P, B, & Jr? It's a family affair.

Now remember Lollapalooza is in town. So, most likely, Perry Ferrell is wandering Chicago. We never forgot that. On our way to the park Friday night.....
M: How do I look?

Me: Like a rock star.
M: I got to look good for Perry.

So we get our beers and our seats and lo and behold....Perry Ferrell! Is it? Is it? It is. Yes, sir, Perry at home plate, with pants and all. In tight bell-bottom fashion. Rockin'. I thought M knew this was going to happen, hence her earlier comment. But apparently it was a surprise to all in attendence. That qualifies as a treat.
Jr, The 9-Year-Old, Son of a Uber-Cool Real Skate Rocker: Is he gay?!
Grown-Ups: Heh. Heh.
Jr: I'm serious! Look at those pants! He has to be gay!

And so this declaration became the butt of a lot of jokes over the weekend. You know, in our attempt to teach the kid that the pants do not make the man or the girlie-man. It's purely fashion (in the name of).

And so I am never one to let those inside jokes die. I'll find any opportunity to try it out. Even in the company of.....cameras!

So Saturday was our one and only pass to Lolla. M and I had the schedule highlighted with a yellow highlighter. I'm serious. We highlighted every band we wanted to see and we carried that in our hands all day. It was our roadmap to Mecca. Kaiser Chiefs, Blonde Redhead, Billy Idol, Pixies, and Weezer. We take our music seriously.

Anyway...on our way to one of our task items - a band, a bathroom, a beer, a food item - we got asked to take part in an interview asking us about our "experience at Lolla."
Surveyers: Hey cool girls!
Us: Yes, we are cool.
Surveyers: Can we film you because you are so rock star pretty and my those pants.
Us: Yes. You may film us.

And so after a hair, makeup, and sound check, we were seated in directors' chairs, legs crossed, lip-glossed, and microphone commanding. We were ready to answer some real hardcore questions. Of which we had the serious answers to.
Surveyers: How does this festival compare to others you have attended?
Us: Blah blah smart talk.
Surveyers: How does it compare to that first one you gals attended?
Us: Blah blah smart talk.
Surveyers: What draws you to the festival?
Us: Pixies!!
Surveyers: What would you change about the festival?
Us: Beer selection!!! Bud sucks.
Us: Hi Perry!

See what is happening here? The intellectual stance we held earlier is going downhill. So the questioning continued and then it went - irresistably, if I must say - here.
Surveyers: Now pretend you are Perry Ferrell.....
Me: Oh! [light bulb and where is the 9-year-old when you need him?] Sure. Let me just put on my pants here.....*smile for the camera* [all the while recovering with blah blah smart talk].

So.....the pants!

That's that. It was a fun weekend. It was great to see M, P, and B. And to meet Jr as I last saw him at M and P's wedding when he was toddler-age. We got to see Mr. T at the baseball game. ("Look at those pants! He is not gay!") We also got to see some serious Billy Idol fist-pumping. (Oohh...those pants. Still looking good.) We did some shopping and I got to go to the Art Institute and see a portion of the Toulouse-Lautrec show. I can't wait to wear my "Chicago" souveniers...a Jane Avril tank top and some Paul Frank pajama/underwear with Scurvy, the Skull and Crossbones mascot. I got a new skate rock DVD (gifted from B) and the Lolla show was great. I got blisters to prove it. The weather was not quite 100 degrees yet so we were lucky that way.

Now I am back in DC, settling back into routine. But somebody, please, for the love of Perry, please turn on the AC (100 degress?).....or I may have to take off these pants.


james said...

hmmm. no pants. i love the summer. how was weezer?


Original Me said...

Weezer geek-rocked. I actually like them better now than I did before. Never had seen them live before. Played a few off of Pinkerton.