Thursday, July 14, 2005

Taking Out The Trash

I love trash compactors, disposes of what you don't need anymore, and you don't have to smell it. So I took my last whine off because I thought it was ugly sitting there. I don't like to be ugly. I just needed to rant. In the end, I am going to send the full $120 - I'd rather leave it at me thinking they are shitty than someone thinking I am shitty. At the end of the day, no big deal, I just didn't like how it played out. That didn't change.

BUT I had to preserve the only things I liked about the post.

The title because, IMHO, just true...
The Ben Franklin Leaving My Hand Says Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

But especially the comments because they were hilarious!

James had some original suggestions such as these:
"That is totally lame. to make an offer and then later ask for payment for something you would have had to eaten is totally lame. you're not being petty at all. Depending on how close of friends you are with them you should send payment (but only for the 3) in a unique way. say go to the bank. get $90.00 worth of nickels. dumpt them in a big mason jar, superglue the lid shut, then leave it on thier doorstop, ring the bell and run away. Or if your bank doesn't charge you for checks how about sending them a bunch of checks for amounts ranging from $0.37 to $1.84. I think you are totally in the clear to let them know you don't think their behavior is cool and to respond in a joking manner. Or you could just pay them back in coke caps. figure a liter of coke costs 1.25. that's 72 bottle caps. i'm sure we could start a collection drive for you...JW"

And so Morgan is going to start a coke cap collection for me to pay them back with! [PSA: Donate all Coke cap winnings to!]

And Mav is going to pull my hair to make it all better! I think she got a free Coke win on her bottle cap last weekend - that's in the pot!

You peeps are funny and that is all I want to see sitting on this page.

....Until the next installment of Crazy or Bitch. What will she be??????


Morgan said...

I don't know why it has to be an either/or. Couldn't you just be a crazy bitch? Cause that would be awesome.

Kelly said...

Hi. I came across your blog yesterday and loved your rant about the tix. Didn't think it was ugly at all. I felt your pain, man. haha. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog.

James said...

Woo hoo! got a prominent mention on Original Me. Definately the high point of the week.